Monday, March 15, 2010

A party at the dyeworks

A few weeks ago we had some fun with our friends from Lantern Moon. They walk through and see all sorts of colors on yarn (and hands) everyday. We decided to have an evening event where the Lantern Moon crew could play with some color while we explained the process of the natural dyeing. Everyone had mini skeins that they could dip in dye pots and in additives after to alter the effects. There were two full size skeins that the crew used for a group acid dye project as well. It was fun to see what each person put on their portion of the skeins. Sharon (owner of LM) will be knitting something fun with the yarn. We'll get a pic as soon as we see the project.
Henry the rabbit got in on the fun too. He was just moving to my house and made a stop off for lots of love at the warehouse. Luckily he was still white by the time we got home;)
We will be having other dye events in the future. On March 27th we'll be opening the warehouse for the day to dyeing, spinning and knitting classes. Info will be up on the website this week!

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