Friday, July 2, 2010

An elsusive green

All of our writing lately has gone into our clubs and newsletters. After a very long Spring it is time to get back to the blog!
With natural dyeing as with all growing things there are seasons. We have ended up in between onion seasons. Because of the long rainy season here in Oregon this year this period is dragging on and on.
There are many plants that give shades of yellow. The buttery yellow above was attained with Calendula petals. You can still see them floating in the yarn. By dipping these yellow skeins in an Indigo bath we achieve some amazing greens. However, different yellows give different greens. We are tapping our toes waiting on yellow Walla Walla onions to hit the market in force. Once they have their thick skinned sweetness in the market we will be right there peeling away. The golden color we get from these skins will be a step in achieving a dark green that is part of our Veneto colorway. You may notice the ties in the above skiens. Just wait and you'll see the final step to this process. We are hoping it all falls into place soon as this is a colorway going to a local store for a sock club.
Speaking of sock clubs--The Community Sock Club is now taking sign ups for round two! This club is hosted at Gino's Restaurant in Portland. We get together every other month for a luncheon with other members, the designer of the month and us (the dyers). It is a great way to knit socks and make some new friends;) Check out more information on our website.

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