Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...And We're Back!

We want to jump right in with what's current! There's only one major piece of news before we get to what's happening: We moved! Maybe this isn't new if you listen to Debby's podcast or follow along in the Ravelry Group. At the beginning of November we moved to SE Portland, not too far from Gino's. The location has turned out to be a winning location with everybody involved! Knitted Wit even made the journey with us!

Back to what's current. TNNA, the trade show for the needle arts, was at the beginning of the month. We had a great time catching up with other dyers, designers and business owners. There is a magic that happens when we all get together. It's like any other show that way. Only so much can be conveyed through emails and tweets! There are some collaborations with different designers and yarn companies coming up, watch here for more details as they develop!

While you aren't supposed to take pictures on the show floor, there was an exception made for one little woodsman!
Knitted Wit (Lorajean) made the trip, which means o-face made the trip too! Joel, from Lantern Moon wore him in the fashion show and o-face was known for the rest of TNNA! Daily there were photo-opps in the booth. A great addition for sure.

The booth had a beautiful theme of being in the woods with fairy's and other magical creatures. We'll be using this set up at a few of our shows this spring, let us know what you think! The hat that o-face is wearing was designed by Sarah and all the little felt creatures were created by Bella Flora Studio. The creatures are available for purchase!

When we weren't at the showing selling yarn and lots of fiber (!) there was dinner at the Lantern Moon house. A great time of food, friends and ping pong! After all the restaurants and hotels it was nice to be in for the evening. The meal was delicious and the competition fierce.

There was also a fun night out with a bunch of fun people: Ysolda, Casey and Jess, Amanda, AVFKW friends, Laura, and more. More pictures need to be taken next time! If you were at the greek dinner and weren't listed, let me know! Yummy food, great time chatting and even a few stitches were knit.

We're hoping to keep the blog a little more up to date, so check back for the next episode. We're calling it "What doing there?" (e-lion's signature question, Lorajean's oldest boy) A little check in with everybody at the studio and what they have on the needles! Also a calendar check in, we're at lots of events this spring and we want to see you at all of them!!

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  1. Welcome back! Do you have a web link for Bella Flora Studios? I have pictures of some of your boothiness on my blog, and I'd love to add a link for her lovely creations.